Comet Pan-Starrs

March 14, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

After my first attempt to photograph Comet Pan-Starrs at the weekend was hampered by cloud cover (welcome to the UK) I have been keeping a watchful eye from my office window at sunset to try and find a window of opportunity to get some shots. Last night the cloud cover was a lot lighter, and spotting the thin crescent moon, I took an early lunch break, grabbed my camera and tripod and walked to the edge of a nearby field. I got some shots of the moon, and a nearby power station whilst waiting for the remnant of the sun to disappear. There was some heavy cloud formations hanging about for a while (Look in my sunrise/sunset album for these) and eventually a gap in the cloud appeared. There was nothing visible to my eye, so I took a test shot, and saw my first glimpse of Pan-Starrs - I got a close-up and a couple of landscape shots incorporating the moon, before more cloud rolled in and I called it a night.

Check out all the comet pics in my 'astro' gallery. A good warm-up for comet ISON later in the year (hopefully)



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